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Congratulations to Doug and Beryl Shaylor who were inducted into the 2014 Hall of Fame of the Western Carolina Federation of Round and Square Dancing. They were recognized at the May 31st Hall of Fame Dance, held at the Whitmire Center.

Doug & Beryl Shaylor, Southern Lights
• Began dancing in New England in 1964 supporting several
square dance communities for 50 years
• In Western Carolina, danced with Southern Lights for 17 years
• Served 6 years in offices of President, Board Member & Treasurer
• Dedicated and loyal supporter of classes for over 10 years
• Club delegates to Federation for 2 years
• Supported other clubs and promoted area square dancing for 17 years






For more information contact:
email: southernlights.president@gmail.com
Phone (828) 685-3849

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